How about the water resistance of RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID)

RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) is a kind of sealant. This sealant will cure at room temperature as long as it comes into contact with water vapor in the air. Once cured, it will form an elastic colloid. Metal is non-corrosive, and as long as it reaches the environmental protection level, it will not affect human health.


How about the water resistance of RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID)?

1. RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) has very good waterproof performance. Once the glue is cured, it will show good bonding and sealing effects, which can prevent water and moisture intrusion. Good quality products have the same performance for many years, such as Kosmoor , focusing on the research of sealant, providing customized sealant application solutions. Common fields of application are: bonding of household appliances, LED lights, car lights, power switches, etc.

2. Although RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) has good waterproof performance, it can only be used for daily waterproofing, not as a waterproof material for bonding underwater electrical shells. If it is soaked in water for a long time, the viscosity of the glue will be affected. It cannot be used in a humid environment for a long time to avoid damage to the performance of the glue.

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