How to use CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE in detail

CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE is a two-component material based on ceramic steel reinforced polymer. Can be a series of general projects. After curing, the repair adhesive layer and the metal have high bonding strength, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, water-resistant and other media, and can resist a variety of chemicals. The construction process is simple and does not require professional tools. CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE can be bonded to almost any metal surface, and can be machined completely with traditional tools.


CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE is suitable for the repair of missing fillings and cracks in steel castings, missing/damaged shafts, worn threads, oversized keyways, broken and perforated castings, scratched machine tools, interference bearings/casings , Deformed flange surface, leaking tank, scratched hydraulic rod, repair of hydraulic cylinder, repair of broken pipeline.

1. First, remove the floating sand dirt, and clean the oily surface with gasoline or other solvents. The oily dirt on the surface can be rust-removed and coarsened by an acetylene flame, grinding wheel or sandblasting gun. The roughened surface should be cleaned with a cleaning agent. Purify again and blow dry with a hot air blower.

2. Accurately weigh the two components A and B in proportion and mix them thoroughly. If the viscosity of CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE is relatively large, use a hot air blower to preheat it to 30~40°C before mixing, and mix it well. The glue solution should be used up within 30 minutes at about 20℃ at room temperature.

3. Use a rubber knife or scraper to apply CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE to the surface to be repaired. First apply a small amount of glue and press repeatedly to make CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE fully wet the surface of the part. Reapply the remaining glue and leave a processing allowance.

4. CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE can be cured naturally above 15℃. Generally, it can be initially cured within 1 hour, and can be mechanically processed after 24 hours. If CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE adopts proper heating measures after initial curing and keeps it at 50~60℃ for about 1 hour, the adhesive layer can be cured quickly, and the physical and chemical properties of the cured adhesive layer will be better.

5. If the glue layer has lack of glue or pores, it can be properly repaired after the initial curing of CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE, and the excess can be polished by hand or removed by machine.

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