The use and principle of cast repair adhesive

Cast repair adhesive is a two-component, glue-like, room temperature curing polymer resin adhesive, polymer-metal composite cold welding repair material with metal and alloy as reinforcing filler. It has high bonding strength with metal, and can basically keep the same color, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The cured material has high strength, no shrinkage, and can be processed by various types of machinery. It has excellent properties such as wear resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, and various chemical corrosion resistance, and can withstand high temperature of 120 ° C.

cast repair adhesive

Cast repair adhesive is a high-performance polymeric metal material obtained by compounding a variety of alloy materials and modified, toughened and heat-resistant resins. It is suitable for the repair of various metal castings and various castings with defects larger than 2mm. Repair and bonding of cracks, wear and corrosion. It is generally used for the repair of various casting defects with less stringent color requirements. It has high strength and can be machined with the base material.

Use of cast repair adhesive:
1. Surface treatment: Grind the surface to be repaired, expose the metal body and roughen it, and use a cleaning agent to clean the surface oil.

2. Preparation: According to the mass ratio of A:B=2:1 or the volume ratio of A:B=2:1, mix the two components of A and B evenly to make them a uniform color.

3. Coating: Coat the mixed cast repair adhesive material layer by layer on the part to be repaired. The first layer should be compacted with force to fully infiltrate the base material and remove the gaps and pores in the adhesive layer. If mechanical processing is required in the subsequent sequence, an appropriate amount of machining allowance should be reserved.

4. Curing: 8 hours of curing at 20-25 °C can be used for mechanical processing, and put into use after 18 hours. If the temperature is low, heating should be used, using infrared lamps, iodine and tungsten lamps and other heat sources to heat, but the heat source should be 400mm away from the repair layer (environmental). The temperature should not be higher than 100 ℃), and can not be directly heated by flame.

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