(1) The car body roof glue is used to paste the soft roof material to the car body roof to increase the appearance of the car.
At present, the domestic ADHESIVE FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR DECORATION for this purpose is mostly solvent-based neoprene, which requires high initial adhesion in process and performance, which meets the fast-paced needs of the car body interior production line and must not cause discoloration of interior materials. , Shedding phenomenon.


(2) ADHESIVE FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR DECORATION It is made of butyl rubber added with tackifying resin and extruded into a tape shape. Its characteristic is that it is easy to fit with finger pressure and has good adhesion to steel plates and waterproof membranes. It has long-term viscoelasticity. And tightness. It is mainly used to seal the waterproof membrane of the inner panel of the car door to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the car door.

(3) ADHESIVE FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR DECORATION and other high-frequency heat-bonding adhesives for cars are modified acrylic solution. When forming the door inner guard plate, the fiberboard that has been dipped in advance (about 30g) is under the action of high-frequency electric field. The adhesive layer melts in a short time and produces a firm bond with the PVC foam under the force specified by the process.

(4) Windshield glue. This type of ADHESIVE FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR DECORATION is usually based on polyurethane. It is used together with cleaning agents and paint/glass primers. It has high shear strength and outstanding elasticity, which can tightly bond the glass and the car body. As a whole, the rigidity of the body is enhanced, the sealing effect is ensured, and the safety of the car is improved.

Since the early 1970s, automobile interior decoration began to use non-metallic materials such as plastic foam and fabric that can absorb impact energy and slow impact to make door armrests, backrests, pillows, cushions, ceilings, dashboards, steering wheels, etc. Artificial leather, fiberboard, felt, plastic film, etc. are also commonly used materials in interior parts. The combination and assembly of these materials require different ADHESIVE FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR DECORATION and sealants.

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