What about the bonding properties of high-temperature-resistant structural adhesives

The high-temperature-resistant structural adhesive is a kind of adhesive just like the common glue that everyone is familiar with. The difference is that it has high strength, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. Most of it is used to undertake structural adhesive glue. Hence the name structural adhesive.

high-temperature-resistant structural adhesive
Ordinary glue has a short sticking life and low strength, so high-temperature-resistant structural adhesives are mostly used in engineering, component reinforcement, sticking, etc. For ordinary household use or occasional personal use, I recommend this ergo structural glue. It is very small and has a needle tube design, so there is no need to buy another glue gun. It is very suitable for occasional personal use. The place where you occasionally need to stick to the home can be operated by yourself. The material of this structural adhesive has passed the SGS environmental protection certification, so it is very safe, resistant to high temperature and low temperature, waterproof and anti-corrosion, and will not be degummed for more than ten years.
For larger quantities, consider this high-temperature-resistant structural adhesive from WACKER, a 300ml bottle that packs a lot more. Used with a glue gun, this one is suitable for personal use, such as just renovating a house, etc. The first one is suitable for occasional use.

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