What are the characteristics of TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE

1. TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE has stronger adhesion, especially for PP, glass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel and other substrates. It is one of the few glues that directly bond PP plastic materials;

2. High modulus, can withstand 25% of the elongation and displacement ability without affecting the adhesion;
3. Good weather resistance, can withstand long-term damp heat and outdoor ultraviolet rays, and does not turn yellow;
4. TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE has a good transparent visual effect and realizes a high-strength transparent outdoor structural adhesive, which is especially widely used for bonding on glass products;
5. Neutral organic silica gel completely eliminates the harm of corrosive components of acidic TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE (the organic acid released during the curing process of acidic TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE corrodes metal substances such as copper and iron), and the product bonding in a closed system does not require additional Vent
6. The fast curing speed of TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE improves the efficiency of product or outdoor installation. 

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