What are the performances of quality EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE

1. Basic characteristics: two-component adhesive, needs AB mixing, strong versatility, can fill large gaps.
2. Operating environment: room temperature curing, indoor and outdoor, manual glue mixing or AB glue special equipment (such as AB glue gun)
3. The applicable temperature is generally -50 to +150 degrees
4. Suitable for general environment, waterproof, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant.
5. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, the shelf life is 12 months.

The quality EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is to reprocess or modify the properties of epoxy resin based on epoxy resin, so that its performance parameters meet specific requirements. Epoxy resin glue is generally only used in conjunction with a curing agent, and can be completely cured after mixing evenly. Epoxy resin glue is generally called glue A or main agent, and curing agent is called glue B or curing agent (curing agent).
Reflect the main characteristics of quality EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE before curing: color, viscosity, specific gravity, ratio, gel time, use time, curing time, thixotropy (flow resistance), hardness, surface tension, etc.
The main characteristics that reflect the curing characteristics of quality EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE are: resistance, pressure resistance, water absorption, compressive strength, tensile (tensile) strength, shear strength, peel strength, impact strength, heat distortion temperature, glass transition temperature , Internal stress, chemical resistance, elongation, shrinkage coefficient, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, weather resistance, aging resistance, etc.

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