What is the solution for Best loudspeaker adhesive

In the traditional production of miniature speakers and receivers, a large amount of Best loudspeaker adhesive is used in the bonding of diaphragms and coils and the fixing of lead wires. In some applications, the high temperature generated by high-frequency vibration, the operating temperature range of the Best loudspeaker adhesive, the loose bonding of the diaphragm and the coil, and the generation of noise, seriously affect the quality performance of the micro acoustic device. At present, UV glue is generally used in the bonding of high-end micro-acoustic devices, not as good as PHILIPS, Pioneer, etc., and many medium-sized enterprises in the world hope to upgrade the current production process to UV bonding.

Best loudspeaker adhesive

Compared with traditional glue, the price of UV glue and UV light source/conveyor equipment hinders the development of UV bonding technology in the world. For Best loudspeaker adhesive, most manufacturers can still accept it due to the small amount of glue dispensed. The one-time purchase cost of a complete set of UV conveyor belt curing equipment has discouraged many small and medium-sized production enterprises.

How to upgrade to UV-LED bonding process cost-effectively?

Best loudspeaker adhesive is suitable for building the customer's own conveyor system. Using Best loudspeaker adhesive to transform the customer's current assembly line can obtain the curing performance of imported high-efficiency light sources, and has lower procurement costs.

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