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Initial Cure Time : 2 -4 hrs

Package :

4kg/barrel; 8kg/pair

20kg/barrel; 40kg/pair

Shelf Life: 24 months

1. Properties
  • Good penetrability, even into the cracks with 0.1mm width
  • Solvent free, high adhesion strength, good stiffness and impact-resistance
  • Anti-aging, durability, weatherability and corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and water
  • It is a thixotropic fluid and can be easily operated.
  • Low curing shrinkage rate.
  • Non-toxic and easy operation.
2. Applications
Structural crack filling adhesive is a two-component epoxy modified structural adhesive. It can be widely used for crack filling in concrete beams, hydraulic engineering, houses, pavement engineering (crack width 0.1-2mm). It can also be used for strengthening and repairing in concrete honeycombing and loosening. and for anti-corrosion of fiber-reinforced plastic and structure surfaces.
3. Directions
  • Mix part A and part B at the ratio of 2:1 evenly.
  • Decide the length, width, depth, direction, and water leaking situation to work out the treatment program.
  • If the crack in concrete is small, clean dusts, scums, loose matters and contaminates on the surface of concrete crack with steel brush; If the crack is relatively big and deep, chisel a groove in V type along the crack. If the volume of concrete element is big or the crack is very deep, drill hole and fill the adhesive into and along the crack for the adhesive to smoothly run into the cracks.
  • At the crossing point of cracks, a grouting mouth has to be set. The distance between the grouting mouths is determined by the crack dimension and structure types. If the crack width is between 0.3-0.5mm, the distance should be from 30-50cm. In the crack, filling entrance, exit and exhausting mouth has to be set to avoid the blockage of grouting mouth.
  • 5. Crack filling directly affects filling effect and quality. Therefore, pay attention to small bubbles and any leakage.
  • For important structures or cracks with complicated directions, it is suggested to make the leakage test to ensure filling effect.
  • According to location and dimensions of the crack, filling process can be completed by the use of single- or multi-hole. Filling along the crack can be completed from shallow to deep, from top to bottom, from one side to another. Filling pressure is usually around 0.2MPa. To make filling smooth, it is recommended to do it at relatively low pressure and for longer filling time to realize better filling effect. When the adhesive comes out of the last hole at constant speed, keep filling adhesive for 10 minutes and then come to a stop.
4. Storage & Warnings
  • Store the adhesive in shady, dry, well-ventilated, damp-proofing places。
  • Store the adhesive at room temperature.
  • Keep away from any source of ignition. 
  • The adhesive is irritable to skin and eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of skin or eye contact, flush with water and seek medical treatment immediately if necessary.


5. Parameters



Mixing Ratio 

Wrok Time(25℃/100g)

Cure Time(25℃/100g) 

A: Grey




Touch Dry:2-4hrs

B: Brown


Full Cure:72hrs

Shear Strength(St-St)

Compressive Stength

Tensile Strength

Heat Resistance(℃)

Shelf Life(25℃)

≥13.4 Mpa



-60 to +100

24  months