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Initial Cure Time : 2-4 hrs

Package :

4kg/barrel; 8kg/pair

20kg/barrel; 40kg/pair

Shelf Life: 24 months

1. Properties
  • High adhesion strength. It can quickly diffuse into the gap between carbon fibers and has therefore very good wetting ability in concrete and carbon fiber. It is suitable for different kinds of carbon fibers.
  • Anti-aging, durability, weatherability and corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and chemical solutions.
  • High stiffness, impact resistance and great bending strength
  • It is a thixotropic fluid with no flowing. Therefore, it can be operated vertically and overhead as well.
  • It is volatile solvent free and can cure at room temperature. It is also non-toxic, environmental friendly, and can be easily operated.
2. Applications
DY-G50 is a two-component epoxy modified structural adhesive. It is suitable for strengthening external structures like concrete beams, plates, columns and construction engineering. In addition, it can help to bond carbon fiber onto concrete, brick and wood structures.
3. Directions
  • Mix part A and part B at the ratio of 2:1 evenly.
  • Polish the concrete surface until new concrete fracture appears, and then clean the surface thoroughly.
  • Apply primer onto the new concrete surface.
  • Smoothen the surface with leveling adhesive after the primer dries.
  • Apply adhesive and keep the adhesive thickness at around 3-5 mm.
  • Roll and press the adhesive repeatedly in one direction for the adhesive to diffuse better into the gap between carbon fibers.
  • Warning: Because carbon fiber is electrically conductive, it must be far away from electric power and equipment during operation. Pay special attention to safety while dealing with electricity.
4. Storage & Warnings
  • Store the adhesive in shady, dry, well-ventilated, damp-proofing places。
  • Store the adhesive at room temperature.
  • Keep away from any source of ignition. 
  • The adhesive is irritable to skin and eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of skin or eye contact, flush with water and seek medical treatment immediately if necessary.
5. Parameters



Mixing Ratio 

Wrok Time(25℃/100g)

Cure Time(25℃/100g) 

A: Grey




Touch Dry:2-4hrs

B: Brown


Full Cure:72hrs

Shear Strength(St-St)

Compressive Stength

Tensile Strength

Heat Resistance(℃)

Shelf Life(25℃)

≥18.2 Mpa



-60 to +100

24  months