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It can be applied to bond

almost all substrates. It forms

excellent bonding or repairing

in the fields, such as car...

Details +

Details +

No More Nails is a

versatile high strength

construction adhesive that

bonds a wide range

of materials...

A silane-modified one-

component eco-friendly sealant,

is made up of MS polymer with

excellent temperature resistance. ...

Details +

Details +

It is suitable for

machinery, electronics,

automobile, shipbuilding,

chemical industry, handicrafts,

etc. It forms e...

High temperature silicone

sealant is developed by

advanced technique. It is of

one component, good sealing, resistance to high temperature and oil ..

Details +

Details +

is a single component

anaerobic thread locking

& sealing adhesive with

the features of medium

viscosity, hi...