Advantages and disadvantages of cast iron repair adhesive on different objects

Cast iron repair adhesive can be used for simple castings. Generally, no subsequent processing is required for repairs, and there are no special strength and hardness requirements. The added value of such castings is relatively low.

cast iron repair adhesive
Weld repair of cast iron repair adhesive: More than 90% of foundries choose welding repair to solve casting defects encountered in production. Due to the use of metal fillers (the welding material generally matches the material of the casting), the performance of the welding repair can basically reach the standard of the base metal, and the operation is simple and the welding repair efficiency is high, which is recognized and trusted by many manufacturers. At present, there are many types of welding machines on the market, and they are generally used in defect repair as follows:
Electric welding machine: the traditional way of welding and repairing cast iron and steel castings.
Advantages: Repair large defects, high efficiency.
Disadvantages: The hardness of the solder joints after welding is too high, and there is internal stress, which is prone to cracks. Generally, annealing heat treatment is required to meet the processing requirements. And due to the limitation of welding conditions, secondary defects such as pores and slag inclusions are easily generated inside.
Argon arc welding: Precision castings (alloy steel, stainless steel precision castings) and aluminum alloy die castings are mostly repaired by argon arc welding machines. Some mold manufacturing and repair manufacturers also use this welding machine to repair mold defects.
Advantages: cast iron repair adhesive has high welding repair efficiency and higher precision than electric welding machines. There are many types of welding wires, and the most widely used in stainless steel and aluminum alloy products. Can be used for welding, high strength.
Disadvantage: It is used for defect repair. When repairing small defects, there are traces on the edge of the molten pool due to excessive impact. Welded steel parts have hard spots. Due to thermal influence, when welding and repairing non-ferrous castings or thin-walled parts, thermal deformation is easy to occur, and the operating technical requirements are relatively high.

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