Analysis of the reasons for the failure of SUPER GLUE bonding

We all know that SUPER GLUE is not necessarily successful when bonding, and sometimes the bonding fails due to our negligence. So what are the factors that cause SUPER GLUE bonding to fail?

1. First of all, of course, it is necessary to choose the correct SUPER GLUE. When choosing SUPER GLUE, we need to consider many factors, such as the material, area, environment, function, etc. of the bonding, and sometimes we need to pay attention to the strength of the stickiness. , too strong will damage the object to be stained, and too weak will lead to weak bonding.

2. Inappropriate selection (or design) of the SUPER GLUE joint type may be due to the use of bonded joints without rescue measures, the joint lap length is too long, the difference in the linear expansion coefficient of different materials is not considered, the rigidity of the adherend is not enough, It has been seriously affected by the uneven pull-off force, neglected the strength of the bonding joint material, the ends are not sealed and the corners are covered, and are affected by the peeling force. Miter etc.

3. Improper bonding process, such as the treatment of the surface of the adherend, the amount of glue applied is too much or too little, or the bonding time is unstable, and the bonding time, such as some need to be glued for a period of time before bonding , Some things need to be bonded in time and other reasons.

So there are many things we need to pay attention to when buying SUPER GLUE, and sometimes we don't know what the problem is. At this time, you need to seriously consider some of the above factors, I believe it can give you some help.

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