Application of adhesive for automotive interior decoration

Most of the car interior decoration uses materials such as artificial leather, polyurethane foam, plastic wallpaper, latex sponge, artificial carpet, cloth, velvet and wood to increase the beauty of the car. Such as headliners, carpets, door panels, instrument panels, etc.

adhesive for automotive interior decoration
At present, most of the automotive interiors still use solvent-based adhesive for automotive interior decoration that is flammable, toxic and polluting the environment. Solvent-based adhesive for automotive interior decoration not only causes serious waste of resources and serious environmental pollution, but also poses a great threat to the health of construction workers. In cars decorated with solvent-based adhesives, the solvent is continuously released slowly over a long period of time, causing injuries to the occupants and affecting the quality of the car. The water-based adhesive for automotive interior decoration uses water as the solvent, does not contain toxic solvents, and can even achieve almost 0 VOC. Therefore, in the automotive industry in recent years, water-based adhesives for automotive interior decoration are replacing traditional solvent-based adhesives, beginning to be used in automotive interiors, and growing rapidly.
The characteristics of adhesive for automotive interior decoration are that it has excellent vulcanization performance, weather resistance, heat and oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant performance and block neoprene. In addition, it has high wet gel strength and excellent mechanical stability.

There is a wide range of applications for adhesive for automotive interior decoration. It can be used alone as a latex or mixed with other latex or synthetic latex. Can be used as an adhesive formulation, suitable for water-based adhesives. Wide range of bonding substrates, high peel strength, high molecular weight and good heat resistance. Free of residual monomers and volatile organic solvents.

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