Application of threadlocker adaptive

Threadlocker adhesive can be used in locking, sealing, fixing, bonding, plugging and other aspects because of its unique curing characteristics of anoxic adhesive. Threadlocker adaptive has become an indispensable liquid tool in machinery industry. It is widely used in aerospace, military industry, automobile, machinery, electronics, electrical and other industries.

(1) Lock and prevent looseness. The traditional mechanical locking method is not ideal, but the chemical locking method is cheap and effective. If the screw is assembled after coated with Threadlocker adhesive, a strong plastic film will be formed in the thread gap after curing, so that the screw will not be loosened.

(2) Sealed and leak proof. It is impossible for any plane to completely contact with each other, so leakage proof sealing is needed. Threadlocker adhesive is used instead of solid gasket to realize close contact after curing, which makes the sealing more durable. Thread glue is used for sealing of thread pipe joint and thread plug, sealing of flange matching surface, sealing of mechanical box joint surface, etc., which has good leak proof effect.

(3) Fixed position. Threadlocker adhesive can fill the fit gap, and it is firm, durable, stable and reliable after curing. The method of Threadlocker adaptive fixation can reduce the requirement of machining accuracy, simplify assembly operation, improve production efficiency, save energy consumption and processing cost.


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