Application solutions for adhesive for automotive interior decoration

With the improvement of people's requirements for aesthetic diversity and driving experience of automobiles, the interior and exterior of automobiles, as one of the intuitive parts of automobiles, are naturally highly valued by consumers. The exterior of the car directly affects the aesthetics of the car, and the interior of the car is not only related to the comfort and operability of the whole vehicle, but also has an important impact on the energy saving, safety and environmental protection of the car. Adhesive for automotive interior decoration plays a role in it. important role.

adhesive for automotive interior decoration

From painting to final assembly, car interior to exterior, adhesive for automotive interior decoration is invisible in every part of the car. In addition to the bonding force, automotive interior adhesives also need to meet other performance requirements, such as automotive sound insulation and noise reduction, shock-resistant sealing and other functional requirements. Our many years of practical experience in the automotive industry enable our tapes to fit the entire vehicle application and meet the high requirements of the automotive industry.

Adhesive for automotive interior decoration, based on high-performance IXPE foam, coated with high-performance oil-based acrylic adhesive on both sides, elastic foam substrate, strong adhesion, good weather resistance, waterproof, solvent resistance, anti-aging, provide Adhesion to uneven surfaces. Suitable for electronics industry, furniture industry, metal, car interior and exterior decoration, signs, accessories, etc.

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