Basic performance of RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) that can be used in building fire protection systems

RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various construction industries such as traffic waterproofing, stone bonding, interior decoration and caulking, and has good adhesion to stone, metal, glass, etc. In addition, silicone sealant also has good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc. It can withstand long-term indoor and outdoor sunlight and rain and still maintain good physical properties, and it still maintains good performance in the process of fire and high temperature combustion Sealing and adhesion, play a role in blocking combustion. Construction silicone sealant not only has a wide range of bonding properties, but also has excellent aging resistance, which can ensure that the sealant can be used in building fire protection systems for decades.


Fire protection is the basic performance that RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) can use in building fire protection systems, but fire protection alone is obviously not enough. It can make fire-resistant silicone sealants have excellent anti-mold properties to adapt to humid kitchen and bathroom environments. Kitchen and bathroom are the areas in the building that need key fire prevention. The silicone sealant used must have excellent fire resistance and flame retardant properties, but these areas are prone to mold. .

Generally, fire-fighting water is used as a fire extinguishing material when a fire occurs in a building. The use of a large amount of fire-fighting water will bring a severe test to the sealing and water-tightness of the building structure. If the fireproof sealant has poor watertightness and does not have the function of isolating water sources, a large amount of firefighting water will inevitably leak to the bottom floor along with the gaps in the building, which will be another disaster for users who have never suffered a fire. Avoid blisters, which will bring huge losses to the personal and property safety of users on these floors. For this reason, during the development and preparation of building fireproof sealants, the watertightness of the sealant must be repeatedly verified to ensure that the bonding gap can be effectively sealed and waterproof.

The promotion and application of building fire protection RTV SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) requires the introduction and application of a large number of new nanomaterials. At present, the new nanomaterials, new titanium compound catalysts and composite coupling agents in the silicone rubber market are quite mature in raw material production and use technology, giving more choices in the choice of building fireproof silicone sealant materials. . Secondly, construction personnel will definitely discover the excellent properties of silicone sealants when recommending and using new nanomaterials. These advantages also meet the construction needs of building fire protection systems, so silicone sealants will be found in the construction industry. The amount of glue is getting wider and wider.

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