CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE application prospects and advantages

CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE refers to the adhesive that adds special materials to the surface of the metal parts to be repaired to repair the metal or give the metal surface special functions. Use CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE for equipment maintenance, the method is very simple, the basic process steps are: surface treatment, preparation of repair agent, painting, curing, machining.


CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE application range: mainly repair various worn shafts, bushings, bearing seats, keyways, threads; it can also be used for local scratches on hydraulic arms and rail surfaces. Utilizing the high temperature corrosion resistance of the material, it can repair and protect various enamel tanks, metal tanks, pipelines, valves, etc.

(1) Use a file to remove the loose material from the stomata and trachoma, and clean it with acetone. The bottom layer of the glue should be fully infiltrated, filled and compacted. If the stomata is empty, it will easily fall off in a short time.

(2) According to the dosage, fully mix the glue in proportion.

(3) Apply the mixed glue evenly on the dry adherend with a spatula, etc., and move the adherend as little as possible after 30 minutes.

(4) Cure according to the shortest curing time at room temperature before running. If you want to achieve faster curing conditions, you can properly heat up.

(5) If the temperature is high and the amount of glue is large, the pot life will be shortened accordingly; otherwise, the pot life will be prolonged. When the temperature is high, the curing is too fast, which can reduce the amount of glue adjustment.

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