Classification of transparent structural adhesives

1. High-performance silicone transparent structural adhesive

High-performance silicone transparent structural adhesive is a one-component product, which is very convenient to use. Under suitable temperature conditions, it can be easily extruded and used, without the need to formulate materials, and it is not affected by the surrounding environment and temperature. It is generally suitable for building materials, and does not require a primer when used, and will not produce adverse reactions or corrode the bonding object.

transparent structural adhesives

2. Neutral transparent silicone transparent structural adhesive

This transparent structural adhesive is similar to the high-performance silicone structural adhesive, and it can be extruded and used at any time. The bonding performance is excellent, it will not affect the surface of the bonding substrate, and will not appear aging, and the performance is very stable. After curing, it can carry 25% of the telescopic displacement of the interface, which can effectively relieve the vibration, elastic pressure and pulling of external forces, and give the substrate a stronger bonding effect.

Transparent structural adhesives generally use thermosetting resins as adhesives, thermoplastic resins or elastomers as toughening agents, together with components such as curing agents, and some also add fillers, solvents, diluents, coupling agents, curing accelerators, Corrosion inhibition and thermal oxidant resistance. The performance of the adhesive mainly depends on the structure, proportion and compatibility of these components.

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