EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE method of enhancing bonding strength

Although the bonding strength of EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is relatively high, the bonding of some high-strength structures is still insufficient, and the bonding strength needs to be further improved, which can be enhanced by the following ways.


01. Adopt high-performance EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE
       Some high-performance EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE, such as AG-80, AFG-90, phenolic epoxy resin, hopeful F epoxy resin, bisphenol S epoxy resin, liquid crystal epoxy resin, TDE-85(IJ()), 731, etc., alone or blended with bisphenol A epoxy resin, have very high bonding strength. Liquid crystal epoxy resin is a polymer network with high molecular order and deep molecular cross-linking, which can form a self-reinforced structure and has excellent mechanical properties. A small amount of liquid crystal ring maple resin is blended with B144 epoxy resin, and the tensile strength and impact strength of the cured product are obviously lost.

02. Choose enhanced curing agent
       The curing agent has an important influence on the bonding strength of EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE. Choose a curing agent that can make the epoxy adhesive cured, such as dicyandiamide, m-phenylenediamine, diaminodiphenylmethane, diaminodiphenyl Sulfone, low-molecular polyamide (315, 3051), G-328, amino-terminated polyether, 105 condensation, methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride, pyromellitic dianhydride/phthalic anhydride (20/28), 2-ethyl-anhydride 4-methylimidazole, novolac resin, etc. Epoxy resin is grafted with CTBN in advance, polyetheramine (polyetheramine) is used as the internal toughening curing agent, and the dual toughening system is adopted to make the room temperature shear strength of the room temperature curing epoxy adhesive reach 35MPa. 90~Peel strength exceeds 3.5kN/m.

03, add reinforcing filler
       The addition of filler reduces the thermal expansion coefficient and curing shrinkage rate of the cured product, and reduces the internal stress. When cracks appear due to overload, the rubber layer with filler can also prevent the cracks from propagating, thereby improving the bonding strength. For example, EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE, which is used for bonding of metal structures, can increase the shear strength by adding an appropriate amount of iron powder. Reinforcing fillers include silica powder, white carbon black, wollastonite powder, alumina, ultra-fine aluminum silicate, light oxide inlay, talc powder, sepiolite powder, attapulgite powder, ultra-fine calcined kaolin, iron oxide Powder, iron powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder, glass phosphor flakes, stainless steel flakes, dolomite powder, etc.

04. Inorganic whisker enhancement
       Whiskers are fibers with a very small diameter grown in the form of single crystals under special conditions. They have a highly ordered atomic arrangement structure, so they can approach the theoretical strength of the valence bond between atoms, and have great potential for enhancing epoxy adhesives. . The available whiskers are zinc oxide whiskers, calcium sulfate whiskers, calcium carbonate whiskers, aluminum borate whiskers, titanium-based whiskers, hydroxyapatite whiskers, magnesium hydroxide whiskers, basic magnesium sulfate whiskers, Silicon carbide whiskers, etc.

05, fiber reinforcement
       EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE can be reinforced by glass fiber, carbon fiber, aromatic polyamide fiber (Kevlar fiber), vinylon fiber, polyvinyl alcohol fiber, polyphenylene sulfide fiber, stainless steel fiber, basalt fiber, and mullite fiber.

06, silane coupling agent enhancement
       Adding proper amount of silane coupling agent, such as KH-560, KH-550, KH-580, KH-590, KH-792, Nanda-1 42, Nanda-1 73, A-1186, A-1160, etc., can be effective Improve the bonding strength of EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE.

07. Use film epoxy glue
       Membrane epoxy glue is abbreviated as epoxy glue film, and bisphenol A type solid epoxy resin and multifunctional epoxy resin with high molecular weight are mostly used in the manufacture. The adhesive film is easy to ensure that the thickness of the adhesive layer is uniform during bonding, so the bonding strength is high.

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