Frequently Asked Questions about MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES)

The densities of components A and B of MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) are basically the same. When using them, you can observe that the volumes of components A and B are roughly the same, and no strict measurement is required. When stirring, as long as the two glues are basically mixed together.


When using MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) to bond the two objects with smooth surfaces, there is no need to polish the surface to a rough surface, as long as there is no dust and dirt, they can be glued directly. If the object is slightly oily, simply wipe it off to perform the bonding operation. When the oil pollution is serious, it needs to be cleaned up, a little grinding is enough, and there is no need to use solvents for degreasing.

When applying glue on a large area or with a large amount of glue, it is not advisable to mix a large amount of glue at one time. It should be mixed several times and glued separately, or the two sides are coated with different components of glue, and then stacked and rubbed. To complete the bonding of large areas.
MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) is a reactive adhesive. It is an exothermic reaction when the two components A and B are mixed and then cured. If the amount of adhesive mixed is too much at this time, the adhesive layer is too thick, and the heat cannot be dissipated during the reaction. When the temperature reaches a certain level, smoke will occur, and in severe cases, fire may occur.

When MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) is used, there will be a certain smell, which is caused by the smell of the methyl methacrylate component in the glue, which is less toxic. However, when performing bonding operations, it is best to keep the workplace in a well-ventilated environment. In addition, if the glue is accidentally stuck on the skin, it should be washed with soapy water immediately. Modified acrylic glue should be stored out of the reach of children, remember not to enter.

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Questions and answers about MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES)

MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) uses methyl methacrylate as the main raw material, with tougheners, reinforcing agents, stabilizers, initiators, polymerization inhibitors, etc., two components synthesized through advanced technology (A, B) Reactive structural adhesive.