How cast iron repair adhesive works

With the rapid development of economy and industrial market, the demand for cast iron repair adhesive is increasing and urgent. Cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous and other castings have appearance defects on the non-assembly surface and non-working surface, such as shrinkage holes, pores, blisters, pits, cracks, etc. If they are used in this way, they will hinder the quality. waste. In order to turn such castings from waste to treasure, and from substandard products to qualified products, casting repair techniques are often used, that is, using cast iron repair adhesive to repair.

cast iron repair adhesive

Cast iron repair adhesive is a two-component room temperature curing epoxy adhesive, which is mainly composed of epoxy resin and curing agent. The curing principle is that the epoxy group in the epoxy resin and the amine and acid anhydride in the curing agent are mixed in a ratio of 1:1 to form a three-dimensional network cured product at room temperature.

Cast iron repair adhesive adopts advanced technology and formula, and selects high-grade raw materials. It has the advantages of high bonding strength, good construction performance, chemical resistance, low shrinkage rate, improved precision and qualified rate of casting products, economical and practical. It is mainly used for repairing casting defects of steel, iron, aluminum and other castings, such as blisters, pits, pores and cracks, as well as bonding and repairing other certified and qualified materials.

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