How to buy good price and quality 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE

The good price and quality 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE has various types, epoxy resin glue is a widely used adhesive in resin glue. Epoxy resin can be divided into many different types. How many of these types can be divided into? We need to understand and master some skills as much as possible about epoxy resin, so that when purchasing epoxy resin , in order to be more conducive to everyone to buy good price and quality 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE with good quality and suitable for their own needs.


Good price and quality 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE category introduction

1. First, it can be classified according to the shape of 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE. They are solvent-free resin adhesives and (organic) solvent resin adhesives, water-soluble resin adhesives (can be divided into water-emulsion type and water-soluble type), mud-like resin adhesives, film-like resin adhesives (epoxy resin film), etc. .

2. According to the curing standard, it is divided into categories: cold curing glue (no heating curing glue). It can be divided into: low temperature curing glue, the curing temperature is 150 ℃. Other methods of curing glue, such as light curing glue, wet and cold surface and water curing glue, latent curing glue, etc.

The good price and quality 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE shopping tips

1. According to the requirements of the characteristics after potting: application temperature, alternating changes of heat and cold, thermal stress of electronic devices, outdoor application or indoor application, bearing capacity, whether it is stipulated that greening has no toxicity, flame retardancy and heat transfer, Color regulations, etc.
2. According to the processing technology of the glue: manual or automatic glue, indoor temperature or heating curing, the usable time of the glue after mixing, initial setting, total curing time, etc.;
3. According to the cost budget: the cost of collagen materials is very different. You must look at the planned cost of 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE after potting, instead of simply looking at the market price of raw materials.

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