The glue gun is a special tool for applying SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID), aiming the glue nozzle at the position to be filled. Good-quality acid glass glue ensures that the effective storage period is more than 12 months. Different places need glass glue with different properties. Two-component SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) materials are stored in two groups of packages. The glass glue will be polluted to some extent. Depending on its quality, glass glue is an organic substance, organic solvents such as grease, xylene, ketone, etc., so it cannot be used on these materials.


Using SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) is a very important thing, must prevent mold. Neutral silicone glass glue can be used for bonding ceramic cleaning tools, marble, etc., the toilet is wet, the glass glue has sufficient anti-mold performance, and the inferior glass glue has a strong smell, which will cause great harm to the human body if inhaled. Specifically, the selection of glass glue is comprehensively considered from multiple aspects such as brand, quality, use, and packaging.

SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) can only be cured if it has moisture in the air, and it may never be cured in a relatively closed place. Except for special-purpose and special-purpose glass glue (anaerobic glue, etc.), the drying of silica gel material surfaces with different characteristics The time and curing time are different. Silicone sealant is a common and easy-to-use adhesive in construction and daily life. Neutral glass glue has weak adhesion and is generally used in places where strong adhesion is not required on the back of toilet mirrors. Know before buying SILICONE SEALANT ADHESIVE (ACID) classification, uses, restrictions, methods of use and shelf life. Many users always choose cheap products when choosing glass glue. Poor quality will easily cause losses due to rework.

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