How to choose quality loudspeaker adhesive

The quality loudspeaker adhesive used in the loudspeaker industry currently includes UV adhesive, solvent adhesive, quick-drying adhesive, anaerobic adhesive and hot melt adhesive; UV adhesive can be used for sound film, voice coil, basin frame, magnetic pole, magnetic core, Magnetic cylinders, etc. are bonded and sealed. At present, the bonding of micro speakers can be divided into two parts: one is the bonding around the magnetic core, and the other is the bonding around the sound film. The bonding around the magnetic core is the bonding of the magnetic core and the magnetic pole, the magnetic core and the magnetic cylinder, usually anaerobic adhesive and hot melt adhesive are used; the bonding around the sound film includes the bonding of the sound film and the coil, wiring glue And fixing glue, bonding of sound film and basin frame, etc.

quality loudspeaker adhesive

How to choose quality loudspeaker adhesive for micro speakers, and how to choose between solvent adhesive and UV adhesive are always the concerns of customers. Below, Huachuang Materials briefly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of solvent glue and UV glue, hoping to help you choose glue! Micro speakers choose quality loudspeaker adhesive for bonding. The advantage is that the price is cheap, but it also has the following disadvantages:

1. Environment, health problems, quality The loudspeaker adhesive basically contains flammable, explosive and toxic ingredients, which will cause damage to the environment and the health of operators. On the other hand, the waste rate of solvent glue can reach 30%, so the disposal of waste and related waste also increases the production cost.

2. The production cycle is long, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of fast delivery. It usually takes several hours or even 24 hours for the quality loudspeaker adhesive to completely evaporate all the solvents, that is, to be completely cured, which seriously affects the production efficiency and delivery cycle. In such a fierce market competition Under the environment, this virtually weakened the company's competitiveness and efficiency.

3. The product quality is unstable and the defective rate is high. A lot of practical production experience has shown that another problem of using quality loudspeaker adhesive is the unstable product quality and poor production consistency, resulting in a high defective rate, which directly affects The economic benefits and image of the enterprise as well as the establishment of the enterprise brand.

4. It has high requirements on materials and has limitations. The quality loudspeaker adhesive often has strict requirements on the sound film, because the organic solvent in the solvent glue often damages the sound film to a certain extent, so it should be considered when selecting the material of the sound film. And the damage to the sound film by the solvent often directly affects the electro-acoustic performance of the micro-speaker. In order to achieve the expected quality, micro-speaker manufacturers have to choose good sound film materials, which indirectly increases the production cost.

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