The characteristics and development status of HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE

HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE refers to an adhesive with high strength (compression strength > 65MPa, steel-steel positive tensile bond strength > 30MPa, shear strength > 18MPa), which can withstand large loads, and is aging, fatigue and corrosion resistant, stable performance in the expected life, and suitable for structural parts with high strength.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE has high strength, peel resistance, impact resistance and simple construction process.Used for bonding metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. or between different materials.

It can partly replace traditional connection forms such as welding, riveting and bolting.The stress distribution on the joint surface is uniform and has no thermal effect or deformation on the part.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is widely used in engineering, mainly for reinforcement, anchorage, bonding, repair of components, etc.Such as steel bonding, carbon fibre bonding, rebar planting, crack reinforcement, sealing, hole repair, nail bonding, surface protection, concrete bonding, etc.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is widely used in construction installation, decoration, sealing, structural adhesives and other fields due to its excellent performance. When the construction industry has become the pillar industry of our country's priority development, our construction adhesives have been rapidly developed in terms of variety and output.

The development direction of modern architecture will be standardization of design, mechanization of construction, prefabrication of components and lightweight, high-strength and multi-function of building materials.The wide application of HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is of great significance in many aspects, such as improving construction speed, beautifying buildings, improving building quality, saving man-hours and energy, environmental protection, and reducing pollution. Therefore, HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE has become one of the important building materials.


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