The function and principle of THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE

THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE is a one-component adhesive that cures without contact with oxygen (in a closed gap) and contact with active metals, and forms a strong thermosetting plastic. THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE does not volatilize or shrink when solidified. It can completely fill the gap between the threads, making the bolt and nut into one piece, preventing any movement between the threads, and fundamentally preventing loosening.


Another feature of THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE is thread sealing. This feature is very important, especially in oil storage tanks or cooling jackets using through bolts for assembly, so that the sealing liquid will not leak. From the engine to the gearbox, THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE is applicable.

Because THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE can completely fill the gap between the threads, water vapor and other media can't enter, and there will be no rust and can't be disassembled. When disassembly is needed, the bolt connection can be easily disassembled with a wrench.

THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE fills the gap of the threaded engagement part, which can at least double the engagement area and obtain reliable locking. Moreover, the cured THREADLOCKER ADHESIVE has corrosion resistance to ensure no leakage and no rust, which is more beneficial for field operations (oil fields, etc.) or corrosive media (chemical companies, etc.).

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