If DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE is exposed and exposed to a small amount of water vapor in the air, it will be catalyzed and rapidly polymerized, solidified and adhered, so it is called an instant adhesive. DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE is a colorless, transparent, low-viscosity, flammable liquid, single-component, solvent-free, slightly irritating, volatile, and volatile gas with weak tearing properties. DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE has a certain degree of toxicity, but the toxicity will be reduced after curing, but the super glue is a cyano compound after all, and there will be toxic substances after decomposition. It will be catalyzed when exposed to moisture and moisture, and it will quickly polymerize, solidify and adhere. Catalyzed by a small amount of water in the air, the polyaddition reaction occurs, and it solidifies quickly to stick the adherend firmly.


DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE application field strong glue is used for the adhesion of porous and absorbent materials, used for steel, non-ferrous metals, rubber, leather, plastics, ceramics, wood, non-metallic ceramics, glass and flexible materials like rubber products, Leather shoes, soft and hard plastics, etc. are bonded to themselves or to each other, but for difficult-to-bond materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polytetrafluoroethylene, their surface needs to be specially treated before they can be bonded. It is widely used in electrical appliances, meters, machinery, electronics, optical instruments, medical, light industry and civil industries. Similar products include 401, 406, etc., and the effect is similar to that of DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE. The price is relatively more expensive in the market; the lower price is blue-red glue, which is also a kind of AB glue. It is relatively cheap.

DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE is based on α-ethyl cyanoacrylate, added with tackifiers, stabilizers, toughening agents, polymerization inhibitors, etc., and is a one-component instantaneous curing and viscous synthesis through advanced production technology. Can stick to many things. It has a wide range of uses in daily life. It is omnipotent in bonding and repairing. Its figure is everywhere. Like in daily life, there will inevitably be some things around us. Want to throw it away! I can't bear it again. If there is a glue at this time, then there is no need to worry, only a small drop can help you recover. As long as the things passing by its hands can be glued to life.

DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE not only repairs damaged items, but also helps us restore many wonderful bonding that electric welding cannot do. It also gives us different interesting meanings in our lives. DY-STRONG INSTANT GLUE can be fast at high temperatures. Cured, with strong bonding and mutual bonding efficiency, easy to handle and other characteristics, it is simply a flexible welder in life, and it is also a high-strength, low-odor and environmentally friendly super glue. It is a necessary bonding helper for families and factories, because this super glue provides a lot of convenience for our lives.

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