In the production process of iron castings, blisters are an inevitable lack of filling. The reason is that the gas (mainly hydrogen) dissolved in the liquid state of the cast iron is formed from the uniform distribution formed by the precipitation of the cast iron during the solidification of the cast iron. Hole. The most primitive way to solve this problem is to use traditional welding, which is slow and costly.


With the advent of casting lack filling repair agent, this problem can be quickly solved; CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE is a two-component fast response type cast iron lack filling repair agent, which is composed of high-quality high-performance adhesives and alloys, ceramics, diamonds, etc. The powder is scientifically formulated. A new type of high-quality repairing agent dedicated to repairing various cast iron defects.

CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE is a paste-like, non-flowing, high-temperature-resistant industrial repair agent with cast iron powder as a strengthening filler. It is used to repair defects, wear, scratches, corrosion, and fractures of various cast iron castings, parts and equipment. With excellent mechanical properties, it can be used for machining such as drilling, turning, cutting, sanding and tapping.

CAST IRON REPAIR ADHESIVE has excellent mechanical properties after curing, and can be used for various machining such as drilling, turning, cutting, sanding and tapping. After curing, there is no shrinkage, and various mechanical processing can be carried out. It can replace electric welding for cold welding repair in a working environment where hot electric welding is not allowed. It has high bonding strength with the repaired metal body and almost the same color as the metal; it has anti-wear, Excellent performance such as oil resistance, water resistance, and various chemical corrosion resistance, so that pig iron defects and flaws and cracks have a new look.

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