5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE is a kind of adhesive with epoxy resin as the main body. It is often used for bonding some high temperature resistant materials such as metal, ceramics, stone, etc. It is widely used in machinery, construction, electrical and electronic, medical equipment and other industries. , The applicable temperature of most 5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE is about -50 to +100 degrees. Obviously, this temperature resistance range cannot meet the bonding needs of high temperature resistant materials.


5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE is an adhesive commonly used for metal bonding. 5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE is a high-concentration, opaque, high-temperature resistant ab glue that has good bonding strength to most metals. , After curing, the hardness is high, and it can adapt to harsh environments such as acid and alkali, salt spray, solvents, etc. It will not fall off after being soaked in water and oil for a long time. The temperature reaches 280 degrees, it can be reflowed, and it can be cured at room temperature or heated. It is widely used in mechanical and electrical equipment, power plants, mines, steel, transformers, electrical appliances, chemical pipelines, ceramics, motors, battery board packaging, abrasive tools manufacturing and other industries.

There are two commonly used methods for 5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE: manual mixing or tubular packaging with special tools. No matter which method, the oil, dust and rust on the metal surface should be cleaned first. If the surface is too smooth, roughen the surface, wash it with cleaning agent and dry it. For manual mixing, take an appropriate amount of agent A and agent B according to the weight ratio of 1:1 and mix them evenly (mixing time is more than 1 minute) before coating. Glue, the special package is to directly hit the glue on one of the surfaces of the metal to be bonded, and then use a hard material to smooth it. If conditions permit, it can be pressed for 1-2 hours or longer. The curing time is 40-60 minutes, and it takes more than 24 hours for complete curing. The curing time can be shortened by heating.


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