With EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE more and more durable, is used in a large number of industries. However, most of them are used in industrial production industries, and there is basically no daily life application. As a chemical product, it has its own advantages and efficacy. It can maintain electronic components very well, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Not only can it be used for two years, but it can also maintain electronic components to increase the use time.


EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is an adhesive that can be cured at room temperature and can also be accelerated by increasing the temperature. Epoxy resin encapsulant has good fluidity and is easy to penetrate into the gap of the product; it can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and the curing speed is moderate; after curing, there are no bubbles, the surface is smooth, shiny, and high in hardness; the cured product has good acid and alkali resistance , Moisture-proof, waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof, resistant to humidity and heat and atmospheric aging; has good electrical and physical properties such as good insulation, compressive strength, and high bonding strength. Application areas: LED, automotive electronics, regulators, industrial electronics, relays, controllers, power modules, sensors.

EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE has been widely used in the electronic device manufacturing industry and is an indispensable and important insulating material in the electronic industry. Potting is to mechanically or manually fill the liquid epoxy resin compound into a device with electronic components and circuits, and then solidify it into a thermosetting polymer insulating material with excellent performance under normal temperature or heating conditions. Its function is to: strengthen the integrity of electronic devices, improve the resistance to external shock and vibration; improve the insulation between internal components and lines, which is conducive to the miniaturization and light weight of devices; avoid direct exposure of components and lines, and improve the waterproofness of devices , Moisture resistance. EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE has a wide range of applications, various technical requirements and a wide variety.

EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is mostly hard, and there are also a few modified epoxy resins that are slightly soft. The major advantage of this material is that it has better adhesion to the material and better insulation, and the cured product has good acid and alkali resistance. Epoxy resin generally has a temperature resistance of 100 ℃. The material can be used as a transparent material with good light transmittance. The price is relatively cheap.

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