What are the characteristics of the quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY and can it be applied in

The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY is an improvement of epoxy resin glue, and this glue belongs to two-component adhesive bonding, which needs to be prepared according to a certain proportion before bonding work. Because the epoxy resin a glue is the main agent, and the b agent is the curing agent, the bonding performance can only be exerted after the two are fully mixed.

quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY

The three major characteristics of quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY are as follows:

1. The viscosity of quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY needs to be determined according to various factors such as temperature, type and concentration.

2. In particular, the gel time has a direct relationship with the mixing amount and temperature.

3. Quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY will gradually change from thick to thin after receiving external touch, and will restore the original consistency phenomenon when the external effect on it is stopped.

Where can quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY be used?

The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY is divided into one-component and two-component, and one-component is a modified epoxy resin adhesive, which is mainly used in the bonding and fixing of electronic components. It also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, which can maintain the same performance at a high temperature of 300 degrees, and also has the characteristics of shock resistance and crack resistance.

The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY has the characteristics of strong connectivity and large filling voids. The curing time can also be adjusted according to the needs of customers, ranging from 5 to 4 hours. Especially after curing, the temperature resistance is between minus 50 degrees and 150 degrees above zero, and it is widely used in the bonding of metals, glass, rigid plastics and ceramics. Common areas include bonding of electronic components, hardware products, motors, plastic products, and gifts.

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