What are the classifications of EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE

EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE generally refers to an adhesive made of epoxy resin as the main body. Epoxy resin adhesives should generally also include an epoxy resin curing agent, otherwise the adhesive will not cure.

EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is based on epoxy resin to reprocess or modify its properties to make its performance parameters meet specific requirements. Epoxy resin glue is generally only used in conjunction with a curing agent, and can be completely cured after mixing evenly. EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is generally called glue A or main agent, and curing agent is called glue B or curing agent.

EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE is divided into soft glue and hard glue

1. EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE-Soft Adhesive: It is a liquid, two-component, self-drying soft adhesive, colorless, transparent, and elastic. It can be restored to its original shape by lightly scratching the surface. Suitable for decorative signs such as polyester, paper, plastic, etc.
2. EPOXY DECORATION ADHESIVE-hard glue: It is a liquid, two-component hard glue, colorless and transparent, suitable for metal signs and high-end decorations such as various crystal buttons, crystal bottle caps, crystal wood combs, crystal handicrafts, etc. Taste.

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