What are the classifications of HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE

Our usual understanding of HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is limited to its use in engineering for reinforcement, bonding, and sealing of components. In fact, this understanding of structural adhesives is a bit one-sided. The application of structural adhesive is not only in the field of engineering and construction, it is also quite popular in industrial production such as metal, ceramics, plastics, and rubber. Not only the bonding strength is excellent, but also the aging resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance are also its advantages.


HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is so popular, there must be many product categories, in fact, there are only two types of structural adhesives currently officially announced: HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE, and medium-performance TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE. So, next we will specifically look at these two structural adhesives.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is a one-component product, which is very convenient to use. It can be easily extruded for use under suitable temperature conditions, without the need to prepare materials, and is not affected by the surrounding environment and temperature.
Many adhesives have requirements for curing environment and temperature, but HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE does not have to worry about curing at all. After coating, it can be cured by moisture in the air to form a high modulus, high elasticity silicone rubber. It is generally suitable for building materials, and it does not require primer when used, and it will not produce adverse reactions or corrode the bonding object, and its performance is guaranteed.

The medium performance TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is similar to the HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE we mentioned above. Both can be extruded for use at any time, and the method is very simple. The bonding performance is very good, it will not affect the surface of the bonded substrate, let alone aging, and the performance is still very stable. After curing, it can carry 25% of the expansion and contraction displacement of the interface, which can effectively alleviate the vibration, elastic pressure and pulling of the external force, and give the substrate a stronger bonding effect.

There are not many classifications of structural adhesives, but they are excellent in performance and easy to use. It is a very easy to use adhesive. Moreover, the structural adhesive is made of resin material, which is generally very tough, shockproof in use, and strong in adhesion. There are many structural adhesive brands on the market. When choosing a brand, you must look for the brand, analyze the quality, and purchase more suitable HIGH PERFORMANCE STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE products.

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