What are the differences between TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE and glass glue

Speaking of glue, I believe everyone should be more common in daily life, especially when decorating the house, various types of glue also play different roles, such as TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE and glass glue, both are Indispensable material in decoration, then what is the difference between TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE and glass glue? Today I will focus on explaining it for everyone.


The difference between TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE and glass glue

1. Different concepts

TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE has high strength (compressive strength>65MPa, steel-steel positive tensile bonding strength>30MPa, shear strength>18MPa), can withstand some larger loads, and is particularly resistant to aging, fatigue, and corrosion. The performance is stable within the expected life, and it is suitable for bonding adhesives with strong structural parts.

Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive in households. The main components are sodium silicate, acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is easy to dissolve in water and is sticky. It is also called water glass in the south and soakine in the north.

2. Different types

TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE is divided into high-performance silicone structural adhesive and neutral TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE.

Glass glue is divided into single and double components (one component, two components), acid-base (acidic glue, neutral glue), different colors (black, porcelain white, transparent, silver gray, gray, bronze), weather resistant glue Resistance and mildew resistance.

3. Different performance

TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE has high strength, peeling resistance, impact resistance and simple construction process. Used for bonding between metals, ceramics, plastics, rubber, wood and other materials or between different materials. It can partially replace traditional connection forms such as welding, riveting, and bolting. The stress distribution on the bonding surface is uniform, and there is no thermal influence and deformation on the parts.

Neutral glass glue is often used in home decoration, it will not corrode objects, and acid glass glue has strong adhesion.

4. Different methods of use

How to use TRANSPARENT STRUCTURAL ADHESIVE: surface treatment-gluing-curing.

How to use glass glue: gluing-bonding-curing-bonding-sealing. 


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