What are the functions of quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY

1.The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY as bonding substance
The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY is also called adhesive as a bonding material. It is the basic component in the adhesive and plays the role of bonding. Its properties determine the properties, uses and conditions of use of the adhesive. Generally, various resins, rubbers and natural polymer compounds are used as binding substances.

quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY

2. Curing agent
The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY as a curing agent is a component that promotes the curing of the bonding substance through a chemical reaction. The resin (such as epoxy resin) in some adhesives cannot become a hard solid by itself without a curing agent. The curing agent is also the main component of the adhesive, and its properties and dosage play an important role in the performance of the adhesive.

3. Toughening agent
The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY is used as a toughening agent to improve the toughness of the adhesive layer and improve its impact strength. Commonly used toughening agents are dibutyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate.

4. Thinner
The quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY is also known as a solvent as a diluent, which mainly reduces the viscosity of the adhesive to facilitate operation and improve the wettability and fluidity of the adhesive. Commonly used diluent organic solvents are acetone, benzene and toluene.

5. Filler
Fillers generally do not react chemically in quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY, which can increase the consistency of the adhesive, reduce the thermal expansion coefficient, reduce shrinkage, and improve impact strength and mechanical strength. Commonly used fillers are talcum powder, asbestos powder and aluminum powder.

6. Modifier
Modifiers are some components added to improve a certain aspect of the quality 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY to meet special requirements. For example, in order to increase the bonding strength, a coupling agent can be added, and preservatives, anti-corrosion agents can be added. Mildew agent, flame retardant and stabilizer, etc.

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