What are the performance characteristics and applications of ULTRA STRENGTH EPOXY ADHESIVE (BOXES)

ULTRA STRENGTH EPOXY ADHESIVE (BOXES) refers to epoxy resin as the main ingredient, is a type of epoxy resin liquid encapsulation or potting material made by adding various functional additives and matching with a suitable curing agent. Because of its wide range of uses, so There are also many types of extensions, and they are complex and diverse. But as long as it is epoxy adhesive, it is composed of epoxy resin and curing agent. Because of its high bonding performance and universal type, it is known as the "universal glue".


ULTRA STRENGTH EPOXY ADHESIVE (BOXES) has good alkali resistance and insulation. It can have strong adhesion to the paint film when potted on outdoor electrical appliances. It can protect the metal and protect the color of the paint film. It is an indispensable adhesive in the electronics industry. ULTRA STRENGTH EPOXY ADHESIVE (BOXES) has superior performance, and its uses are also quite wide: widely used in electronic components such as: electronic transformers, negative ion generators, module power supplies, high voltage packages, aquarium water pump relays, capacitors, ignition coils, Transformers, AC/DC modules, LEDs, LED modules, AC capacitors, (vertical, horizontal, box, film) capacitors, lighting, electrical appliances and other electronic components such as insulation filling, moisture-proof sealing, etc.

ULTRA STRENGTH EPOXY ADHESIVE (BOXES) performance characteristics

ULTRA STRENGTH EPOXY ADHESIVE (BOXES) has low viscosity, good fluidity, easy to penetrate into the gap of the product, good heat dissipation; it can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and the curing speed is moderate; after curing, there is no bubbles, the surface is smooth, shiny, and the hardness is high; The cured product has good acid and alkali resistance, good moisture-proof, waterproof and dust-proof performance, resistance to damp heat and atmospheric aging; the cured product has good physical properties such as good insulation, compression resistance, and high bonding strength.

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