What are the precautions for using 5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE

5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE is a two-component epoxy resin ab adhesive, which has many advantages such as good transparency, environmental protection and non-toxicity, high bonding strength, good toughness, oil resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good insulation. ; A wide range of applications, the adhesive is perfect without traces after curing, without heating, and can be cured at room temperature. Fast solid type, usually used for high-grade ceramics, glass, metal, crystal, jade, jewelry, granite, lighting, instrumentation, handicrafts, sporting goods, leisure and entertainment equipment, furniture, decoration, digital technology and so on.


1. The operating environment and the equipment for mixing glue must be kept clean, otherwise it will affect the quality and bonding effect of 5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE; the humidity of the operating environment should not be too high, try to keep ventilation or have an exhaust fan, do not let water When the fog directly contacts with the glue, a chemical reaction will occur, white fog will appear, and the glue will be oily and granular.

2. When mixing glue by hand, it must be mixed strictly according to the weight ratio. Too much agent A or B will affect the bonding effect, curing speed and performance after curing, and even curing can occur without curing for a long time. The one-time dispensing should not exceed 100 grams. The more glue, the faster the curing time and the shorter the operation time.

3. When using 5-MINUTE CLEAR EPOXY RESIN AB ADHESIVE tubular packaging, it is recommended not to use a few centimeters of glue that has just been punched out, because the first part of the glue is unevenly mixed and the adhesion is not enough.

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