What are the types of LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE

LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE curing can be divided into thermal curing, UV curing, moisture curing, thermal-UV curing and cation curing, etc.; according to chemical properties, it can be divided into epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic and other types; according to curing The characteristics are divided into three categories: thermal curing, thermal plasticization and elastomer.


Structural LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE has high mechanical strength and is used to bond the two materials together forever, and has a strong bearing capacity, and has a hardness of an ingot in the solidified state.

Non-structural LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE has the mechanical strength of one ingot and is used to temporarily join objects with low load requirements. Non-structural adhesives are also hard in the cured state.

Thermosetting LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE is a cross-linked polymer formed by chemical reaction curing. After curing, heating will not soften and cannot be rebonded.

Thermosetting LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE is a cross-linked polymer in the form of a chemical reaction that cures and does not soften when heated.

Thermoplastic LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE does not form cross-linked polymers like thermosets, so it can be re-softened and re-bonded. It is a one-component system, hardened by high temperature cooling, or hardened by solvent evaporation.

Elastomeric LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE has a large elongation and can be formulated from synthetic or natural polymers with solvents in the form of a latex.

Synthetic LOUDSPEAKER ADHESIVE is formulated from a combination of thermoset, thermoplastic, and elastic adhesives, which utilize the strengths of each material, resulting in a better combination of properties.

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