What are the uses of 5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE

5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE is widely used in various aspects of daily life and industrial production, and is a widely used adhesive. Usually, we may not be familiar with 5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE, but in fact, we often use 5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE in home decoration, especially in wallpaper and floor paving. Let's take a closer look at the uses and properties of epoxy resin adhesives.



1. In the field of coatings. 5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE can be used in civil construction, containers, factory equipment, primer coatings for automobiles and ships, steel furniture, resistance components and heavy-duty anti-corrosion and super wear-resistant ceramics, shielded vertical pipeline pumps, solar water heaters, solar panels, etc.

2. In the field of composite materials. 5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE can be used for FRP car shells, FRP floors, aircraft honeycomb structural parts, engine covers, rollers, shafts, installed foundation leveling, self-leveling floors, electric carbon products, construction engineering structural parts, and mechanical transmission devices parts etc.

3. In the field of adhesives. 5-MINUTE EPOXY GLUE can be used in sporting goods, insulating materials, electrical components, light-emitting diodes, coal mine safety inspection systems, intrinsically safe modules, automatic reclosers, auto repair glue, stone glue, etc.

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