What does Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY do to the body

Epoxy resin and Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY itself are non-toxic, but due to the addition of solvents and other toxic substances in the preparation process, many epoxy resins are therefore "toxic". In recent years, Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY enterprises are Through water-based modification and avoidance of addition, the "non-toxic" nature of epoxy resin is maintained. At present, the vast majority of epoxy resin coatings are solvent-based coatings, which contain a large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are toxic and flammable, thus causing harm to the environment and human body.


Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY Choices

1. Choose from the use, when Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY is used as adhesive, it is best to choose resin with medium epoxy value (0.25-0.45), such as 6101, 634; when used as castable, it is best to choose high epoxy value (>0.40) resins, such as 618, 6101; generally use low epoxy value (<0.25) resins for coatings, such as 601, 604, 607, 609, etc.

2. Choose from mechanical strength, Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY with too high epoxy value has higher strength, but is brittle; medium epoxy value has good strength at high and low temperature; low epoxy value has strength at high temperature less. Because the strength is related to the degree of crosslinking, the epoxy value is high and the crosslinking degree is high after curing, and the epoxy value is low and the crosslinking degree is low after curing, so the difference in strength is caused.

3. Choose from the operating requirements, do not need high temperature resistance, and do not require much strength. It is hoped that Cheap 5-TON 30 MINUTE EPOXY can dry quickly and is not easy to run off. You can choose a resin with a lower epoxy value; if you want permeability, If the strength is better, a resin with a higher epoxy value can be used.

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