ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE is a cross-linked polymer based on silane-terminated polyether, a new generation of environmentally friendly sealants/adhesives, solvent-free, isocyanic-free, odorless, and superior in bonding performance. No black hair or mold, edge-sealed toilet shower room and kitchen cabinet skirting, weather resistance for up to 50 years. Because it has the advantages and advantages of both silicone sealant and polyurethane sealant, it exhibits excellent weather resistance, durability, high resistance to deformation and displacement, good adhesion, coating, environmental friendliness, and low pollution. The advantages of, low viscosity and excellent workability have attracted more and more attention from the domestic construction industry.


Ordinary anti-mold glue usually has anti-mold agent added in it. ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE is an anti-mold in molecular structure. The unique anti-mold and bacteriostatic factor and colloid are related to each other in the molecular structure to achieve long-term anti-mold. This is different from a large number of ordinary anti-mold glues on the market. The difference lies in ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE The environmental protection level is high, and the whole process is odorless.

Main features of ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE
1. Healthy and environmentally friendly, it does not contain formaldehyde and isocyanate, is solvent-free, non-toxic, tasteless, and its VOC emission is far lower than the national standard. It is an environmentally friendly construction adhesive product.

2. ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE is pollution-free. Silicone sealant will precipitate silicone oil and make it adhere to pollutants, especially porous materials such as stone, which will cause pollution that is difficult to remove. ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE overcomes such defects in mechanism and will not produce the same pollution.

3. Adhesiveness, silicone adhesive is relatively weak, and polyurethane adhesive is strong, but it needs to be used with primer. ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE has excellent adhesive properties and can adapt to most construction substrates , No primer is required.

4. Weather resistance, ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE curing will not produce bubbles, will not produce cracks after curing, the bonding strength will be consistent, with good thixotropy and extrudability, adapt to outdoor, indoor, humidity, low temperature, etc. Kind of operating environment.

5. Finishing. Silicone glue cannot be painted with paint. It needs to be tinted according to needs. ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE has good compatibility with oily and water-based paints. It can be painted directly, eliminating a lot of Construction troubles.

6. Stress relaxation, ANTI-MOLD MS GLUE has both stress and elasticity at the same time. Even if it is stretched or compressed for a long time, under the action of stress relaxation, the impact of the shrinkage of the building substrate can be largely eliminated.

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