What is a transparent structural adhesive

Transparent structural adhesive is actually a kind of adhesive sealant, but there are some differences. It is indispensable in many industries. Structural adhesive can withstand heavy loads and other structural bonding environments. , can still maintain a strong and lasting sealing effect. Structural adhesives cover a range of products for a wide variety of surfaces, materials and applications. These reinforced acrylic, polyurethane, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, phenolic, vinyl acetate and epoxy structural adhesives are available for industrial and commercial applications a wide range of solutions.


Advantages of transparent structural adhesives include:

1. Eliminate or significantly reduce the use of expensive mechanical fastening methods
2. Compared with mechanical fastening, it is more beautiful
3. Uniform weight distribution on the substrate
4. Multi-substrate bonding: bonding of different types (dissimilar) substrates
5. Fast processing speed
6. Ideal for low weight or lightweight applications
7. Reduce labor costs
8. Fill large gaps between parts
9. Easy to use packaging and application tools

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