What is loudspeaker adhesive

With the development of miniaturization and miniaturization of mobile phones, notebook computers, MP3, MP4, PDA, etc., the speakers used in these products are required to be miniaturized and high-fidelity.

loudspeaker adhesive

Challenges to loudspeaker adhesive: In addition to considering the influence of the loudspeaker adhesive itself on the sound quality, it is also necessary to consider the influence of the consistency of the gluing process on the sound quality, that is, the loudspeaker adhesive should be easy to control the amount of glue applied and ensure the mixing or curing effect. consistency.

Typical miniature speakers. Generally, it includes sound film, voice coil, cone frame, magnetic pole, magnetic core, magnetic cylinder, etc. All these small parts are assembled using loudspeaker adhesive. A small tiny speaker sometimes has as many as 8 places of glue. Because of this, people in the industry have an unwritten saying that making micro speakers is actually making glue. This is enough to demonstrate the role of glue in tiny speakers.

Generally speaking, the bonding of micro speakers can be divided into two parts, bonding around the magnetic core and bonding around the sound film. The bonding around the magnetic core is the bonding of the magnetic core and the magnetic pole, and the magnetic core and the magnetic cylinder. Anaerobic adhesives and hot melt adhesives are usually used. The bonding around the sound film includes the bonding of the sound film and the coil, the wiring glue and the fixing glue, the bonding of the sound film and the basin frame, etc.

The voice coil is the heart of the speaker, and the speaker voice coil is a coil that passes audio current. The voice coil, connecting the speaker diaphragm, is the first element to withstand power, which restricts the life of the speaker and is one of the most important factors in determining the indicators of the speaker. Therefore, it is a very important component. The speaker voice coil is used for bonding. There are also special requirements for loudspeaker adhesive. The sound pressure frequency characteristics, sound pressure level, impedance curve, distortion, transient characteristics, speaker parameters, sound quality, etc. of the speaker cannot be affected by the loudspeaker adhesive bonding of the speaker voice coil.

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