What is the difference between epoxy AB and modified MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES)

As one of the important products of glue, MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) is mainly divided into two categories: epoxy AB glue and modified acrylate AB glue. specialty.


Function: Epoxy AB glue is mainly used for bonding, potting, coating, sealing, etc.; MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) is mainly used for bonding, not suitable for potting or coating;

Applicable materials: Epoxy AB glue can be used for bonding and potting of hard materials such as metal, ceramics, wood, stone, glass, etc., and can also be used for bonding some plastics, but the strength is limited; MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) not only It can only be used to bond materials that epoxy AB glue can bond, and it also has good strength for bonding PVC, ABS, PC, PS and other plastics.

Initial curing time: The initial curing time of epoxy AB glue is very detailed, such as 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc., to meet the needs of various processes; the curing of MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) Except for some special adjustments, the initial solidification time can reach half an hour, and the initial solidification time is 3-5 minutes;

Color and smell: The smell of epoxy AB glue is very low, some can be said to be odorless, the glue or cured product is mostly transparent, but it can be adjusted into red, black, blue and other colors; MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) is mostly light Yellow or blue-red, the cured product is beige, and the color cannot be adjusted.

Performance after curing: Both epoxy AB glue and MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) cured products can adapt to acid-base, salt spray, solvent, humidity and other environments, but epoxy AB glue has high hardness after curing, toughness, vibration resistance, and Shock etc. are not as good as MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES).

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MODIFIED ACRYLIC AB ADHESIVE (BOXES) uses methyl methacrylate as the main raw material, with tougheners, reinforcing agents, stabilizers, initiators, polymerization inhibitors, etc., two components synthesized through advanced technology (A, B) Reactive structural adhesive.